Personal trainer since 2002

Personal trainer since 2002

Anthony’s experience has shown that the conventional approach to health, exercise and nutrition don’t sufficiently satisfy the needs of the general population. Personal Training is nothing less than finding out exactly what you want and to identify exactly what you need. 

"I create practical recommendations that will help you get the most out of every workout"



Individuality – Every workout is tailored to your needs and to your current fitness condition.

Maximising your benefit to minimise your risk – I will show you the exact intensity you need to make the changes that you’re looking for whilst using safe and corrective techniques that will minimise your risk of injury.

Consistency – Booking appointments will make sure you get consistent results over time. 

Time efficient – The more effective your workouts are the less time you need to spend in the gym. 

Motivating – Having someone challenge you and show you new ways to train and teach you about physical health and  holistic health will help bring out the best in you. 



I pride myself on delivering a professional service and I appreciate that personal training is a personal business. That’s why you will never be asked to pose for before and after pictures to help market my personal training services.

Confidentiality is a key aspect of my service. I occasionally receive unsolicited testimonials but most of them are personal and I always respect my clients’ privacy, acquiring them solely for my own use. I do however publish less sensitive testimonials from time to time on my blog.  



Many of my clients come from regular walks of life yet some of them have reached the top in their chosen path and achieved great things with their lives. While their backgrounds are pretty diverse, the similarity between them all is that each of them has come to me because they want to feel and look better. They aren’t just looking for a short-term, aesthetic, quick fix. They are looking to become the healthiest versions of themselves as well.

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